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Note: Electricity is limited-additonal fees may apply. Pop-up tents must have straight legs and canopies must have 24lb weights. This application is for consideration and may be subject to change. This application is for consideration of review only. Please call 206-856-9296 if you have any questions or send email to


Fridays, July 5th – September 27th

Selling times 3-8 pm and Load-In Times: A:  12-1pm and B: 1-2PM

The Villas at Beardslee:  (19128 112th Avenue Northeast, Bothell, WA  98011)


Welcome, Vendor(s)!


The Bothell Friday Market is launching its’ first year as a Market and you have the distinct opportunity to become part of this great program as a “Legacy” vendor.  As a Legacy Vendor, you will be receiving special introductory pricing as well as being locked in for next year’s rates.

Our Goal for the Bothell Friday Market is to provide our community with local, farm-fresh goods, unique artwork, as well as a gathering place for neighbors and friends to interact and build lasting relationships. 

The following Rules and Regulations are designed to ensure that the market is a safe, friendly place where Bothell Residents can buy exceptional products and build relationships with local farmers and artisans.  All rules are subject to government regulations accordingly.

It is essential for each vendor to carefully read these Rules & Regulations.  By submitting your application, you hereby agree to comply with them.  Failure to comply may result in the loss of permission to sell at the Bothell Friday Market.   

Market Manager:  Lisa Popoff

                                                            Phone:  206-856-9296

                                                            Mailing Address:  10134 Main Street, Bothell, WA  98011


                                                            Checks Payable to:  Bothell Friday Market


Registration and Fees for 2019:

Fees are collected in advance for future Market days and are non-refundable (see cancellation policy on page #4).  Vendors may include following weeks(s) fees inside their Vendor packets or bring to the Market Manager enclosed in an envelope noting Vendor Name and Dates, or paid via credit card at




The following Rules and Regulations are for all vendors participating in the 2019 Bothell Friday Market:



Farmers:  One who raises produce, plants or botanicals, on land they own, lease or rent.  The definition of Farmer may also include someone who processes produce, fruit, berries, botanicals, honey, etc which is grown, raised or harvested on their own, leased or rented property and then turned into value added products such as jams, cider, salsa, vinegar, essential oils or any other botanical use.  It may also include Farmers who raise the basic ingredients of a product but who must send it out for fundamental processing before creating the value added product.  Such Vendors might include those Farmers selling certain essential oils, smoked meats or fish, etc.  This excludes Resellers or those who might work on, or manage a corporately owned farm and have permission to dispose of surplus product.

Scales:  Vendors who sell products by weight must provide their own scales, which must be “Legal for Trade” and subject to inspection by the Department of Agriculture’s Weights and Measurements Program.

Processors:  One who sells foods that they have personally prepared or processed on property that they own, lease or rent,  Processors ae persons offering fresh food products (such as ciders, wines, baked goods, jams, nuts etc.) that have added value to their product through some sort of “hands-on” processing, but have not raised the ingredients themselves.  All Processors must meet all Federal, State, County and local health department requirements.  All appropriate permit and licenses must be submitted and filed with the market manager.

Resellers:  Resellers are expected to be the only stop between the grower and the consumer.  The product they buy must not come from shippers, warehouses, jobbers or wholesale distributors.  They may sell any produce they grow themselves on their own property (see Farmers), Resellers must have all crops pre-approved by the Market manager before delivering the crops to market for sale.  All resellers, or farmers, must label their products as being resold if they are not selling products which they have grown, raised or harvested themselves on property that they own, lease or rent.  All information declaring which products are resold must be available and displayed for the consumer to easily read.  Signage must clearly state which farms(s) produced the products; other terms synonymous with “resold” may be substituted.


Artisans/Crafters:  One who creates with their own hands the products they offer for sale or providers of skilled craft services at the market, such as on-site knife sharpening or tool refurbishment.  To qualify as an Artisan/Crafter, a majority of the tools and equipment used to produce their products must require skill, personal handling and/or manipulation, including second-hand items that are recycled, re-purposed and/or skillfully and creatively refurbished for new or improved use.    

What is not allowed at the Bothell Friday Market:

·        No commercial or Imported items

·        No Second Hand items  (exception:  those vendors who take a second hand item and recycle that item into a new use)

·        No Franchises:  Those who have entered into an agreement or received a license to sell a company’s products and/or use a company’s packaging, logo, ingredients and/or marketing tools under that license or any franchise agreement.

Required Licenses to Sell:  All vendors shall provide with their application, current copies of all applicable permits and licenses that are required in connection with the sale of their products.  Where applicable, these may include, but not limited to, King County Public Health Permit, Washington State Department of Agriculture Food Processor’s License, Certification for Organically Grown Produce.   All vendors must possess a valid Business License, also referred to as a UBI number.

Certificate of Flame Propagation:  Please submit with all pop-up tents.  All Pop-Up tents have this certification and can be secured by the company that issued the tent upon purchase. 

Canopy Weights:  Canopy weights must be attached to canopies at all times.  All vendors who wish to erect canopies (including umbrellas) on the Bothell Friday Market site during a normal period of operation, including the set up and break down period, are required to have their canopies sufficiently and safely anchored to the ground from the time their canopy is put up to the time it is taken down.  Any vendor who fails to properly anchor their canopy will not be allowed to sell at market on that day, unless the vendor chooses to take down and stow their canopy and sell without it.  Each canopy leg must have no less than 24 pounds anchoring each leg, and Market umbrellas, 50 pounds. 


Load in/Load out:  Booth set-up is Not permitted before Noon on Market Day.  There will be two groups of load in times:  Group A from Noon to 1 PM and Group B from 1 – 2 PM.  Your time will be determined based on your set up time required.  Likewise, vendors are not permitted to start the tear-down process in or of their booth before the end of market at 8 p.m.  For extenuating circumstances, the Market Manager must give approval and be available to assist in the case of early set-up or tear-down. 

·        Speed:  Vendors must adhere to a speed limit of 5 MPH when entering or exiting the market for loading

·        Load In:  May occur between the hours of noon and 2 pm.  All Booths must be set up and ready to begin selling at 3 PM.  Vendors that arrive late will need to park off site and carry their supplies to their booth space.   No vehicles will be permitted after 2:15 PM without Manager escort.



Primary Guidelines:

Selling:  Selling shall begin no earlier than the stated marketing opening time, when the Market Manager indicates that the Market is officially open, with the exception that a vendor may make purchases of products/prepared foods from another vendor before the market opens if this is agreeable to the other vendors.  Repeated violations of the selling rule will result in loss of vendor’s right to sell.  Vendors who sell out early should post a sign to the effect.  Vendors shall not leave their goods unattended and must stay until closing.

Cancellations:   We would appreciate earlier cancellation notice, so that we can fill your spot with the limited amount of vendor spots available.  Vendors who cannot attend the Market on a regularly scheduled market day must contact the Market Manager at least 48 hours prior to that market day.  Vendors who do not cancel within the 48 hour policy will forfeit the regular stall fee for that day.  Vendors may call 206-856-9296 or email the Market Manager to cancel.

Signage:  Each booth must prominently display a sign clearly identifying their business by name and location.  Signs must be in placed by the opening of the market.  All product descriptions must be true and not misleading.  All signs must not obstruct visibility into other vendor’s booths or impair other vendors’ ability to sell nor create a hazardous situation for customers.

Market Cleanliness:  Vendors must keep their space clean and attractive during market hours and must clean up their space after the market closes, including sweeping up any debris and removing trash. 

·        All vendors should bring a broom and dustpan

·        Flower and farm vendors may be asked to put a tarp down in their work area to prevent grinding of plant or floral material into the concrete.

·        All vendors must use commercial receptacles and not customer receptacles.  Trash and Recyclables must be separated accordingly.

·        A fine of $20 will be assessed to vendors who do not clean up and adhere to all guidelines prior to the following weeks event and may not remain with market in the future.


Secondary Guidelines

·        Staffing:  All persons working at a vendor booth must be familiar with and adhere to all market rules as outlines in this document.

·        Smoke Free /Tobacco Free:  The Bothell Friday Market is a Smoke and Tobacco Free Market.  Absolutely no exceptions.

·        Pets:  Vendors are not allowed to bring pets to the market.  The only exceptions will be service animals or other disability guide dogs as outlined by law in the State of Washington.  Documentation must be provided upon request.

·        Children:  Please monitor and control your children in all circumstances for safety. 

Vendors must closely supervise their children while on market premises with special care given during set-up and take down times. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration!-The Bothell Friday Market